State of the Art Vascular Care

CVT Surgical Center has been a leader in the care of vascular disorders since 1957. Dr.'s Mike Davis, MD, Michael Conners, MD, and James McNeil, MD, provide state-of-the-art management of all aspects of vascular disease.

Mission Statement

Founded in 1957, CVT Surgical Center is committed to excellence and innovation in the treatment of vascular disease. We strive to treat our patients with compassion and expertise while providing leadership for the medical communities of Baton Rouge and Louisiana.

Professional Services

At CVT Surgical Center, our practice is committed entirely to providing the most advanced surgical treatment of vascular disorders.

Vascular Diagnostics

At CVT Vascular Lab, we are pleased to make our advanced technology readily available to physicians and their patients.

Vein Therapy

CVT Vein Therapy Center provides services for all your vein problems. Whether your goal is to look better or be free from pain, we’re here to help.