The renal arteries provide blood flow to the kidneys.

Renal artery disease, including narrowing (stenosis) can result in reduced blood-flow to the kidney. This can cause hypertension (high blood pressure). Renal artery stenosis is the most common correctable cause of hypertension.

Blood flow velocities and flow patterns in the aorta and renal arteries are evaluated with ultrasound. Ultrasound of the kidneys can provide information about damage to the kidneys from long-standing inadequate blood flow.

Evaluation by a vascular surgeon will generally be recommended if there is a renal artery narrowing of 60 percent or more. Further evaluation or treatment may be recommended.

Length of exam: 60-90 minutes
Preparation: Do not eat, drink, or smoke for 8 hours prior to the exam.  Avoid caffeine and tobacco products prior to exam.